What Are Some Examples Of God’s Protection In The Bible?

What Are Some Examples Of God’s Protection In The Bible?

There are many examples of God’s protection in the Bible. Here are a few:

1. Noah and the Flood: God protected Noah and his family from the flood that destroyed the earth. He instructed Noah to build an ark and gather two of every kind of animal, and they were saved from the floodwaters (Genesis 6-9).

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4. Moses and the Israelites at the Red Sea: God protected Moses and the Israelites from the pursuing Egyptian army by parting the Red Sea. The Israelites were able to cross on dry land, and the Egyptians were drowned when the waters closed in on them (Exodus 14)

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5. Paul’s Shipwreck: God protected Paul and the other passengers on a ship that was caught in a storm. An angel appeared to Paul and assured him that everyone on board would be saved, and they were eventually shipwrecked on an island where they were cared for by the locals (Acts 27).

These are just a few examples of God’s protection in the Bible. Throughout the scriptures, we see God’s faithfulness in protecting His people in various ways.

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